Appointed Committees


Airport Advisory Committee

Name Term Expires
Mike Deerfield 12/31/2020
Bruce Dietz 12/31/2020
Thomas Green 12/31/2019
Paul Gunderson 12/31/2020
Donald Matz 12/31/2020
Lisa McComb 12/31/2018
Bill Muzyl 12/31/2019
Donna Stubenvoll 12/31/2019

Board of Canvassers

Name Term Expires
Sam Candela 10/20/2021
Larry Corell 10/20/2021
Janet Flint 10/20/2019
William Light 10/20/2019

Brownfield Redevelopment Authority

Name Term Expires
Norman Breicheisen 07/31/2020
Paul Beachnau  
Vernon Kassuba 12/31/2019
Janis Kellogg 12/31/2019
Paul Liss (Commissioner Rep.)  
Brownfield Redevelopment Agendas & Minutes

Building Authority

Name Term Expires
Thomas M. Allison 12/31/2019
Rachel Frisch, Chair  12/31/2019

Commission on Aging

Name Term Expires
Brett Bowen 12/31/2020
James Camiller 12/31/2018
Joseph Duff 12/31/2020
Rudi Edel 12/31/2019
Jim Mathis 12/31/2020
George Mertz 12/31/2018
Constance Messina 12/31/2019
Mary Sanders 12/31/2018
Rachel Smith 12/31/2019
Doug Johnson (Commissioner Rep.)  
Kenneth Glasser (alternate Commissioner Rep.)  

Construction Board of Appeals

Name Term Expires
Bradley J. Butcher (alternate) 12/31/2019
Michael Colosimo 12/31/2019
Paul Eckert 12/31/2018
John Ernst 12/31/2018
Anthony Esson (alternate) 12/31/2019
Carl (Butch) Mankowski 12/31/2019
Bill Touroo 12/31/2019
Doug Johnson (Commissioner Rep.)  
Duane Switalski (Commissioner Rep.-alternate)  

EMS Rescue

Name Term Expires
Jeff Axford 12/31/2018
Brett Bowen 12/31/2018
Kevin Drummond 12/31/2019
Mark Kersten 12/31/2020
H. Charles Nelson, Vice-Chair 12/31/2020
Mary Sanders, Chair 12/31/2018
Bruce Brown (Commissioner Rep.)  
Julie Powers (alternate, Commissioner Rep.)  

Health and Human Services Board

Name Term Expires
Sherry Huff  (County Appointee) 10/31/2019
Connie Murphy (State Appointee) 10/31/2018
Melanie Youngs (County Appointee) 10/31/2020
Julie Powers (Commissioner Rep.)  
Rob Pallarito (alternate, Commissioner Rep.)  

Housing Committee

Name Term Expires
Tammy LaBouef 12/31/2020
John LaFave 12/31/2019
Jim Mathis 12/31/2021
Steve Riozzi 12/31/2019
Joe Wambold 12/31/2020
Duane Switalski (Commissioner Rep)  
Julie Powers (Commissioner Rep)  

Jury Board

Name Term Expires
William T. Light 04/30/2021
Nancy L. Ross 04/30/2020

Library Board of Trustees

Name Term Expires
Bonnie Byram 08/31/2018
William Fury 08/31/2022
Lesa Jarski 08/31/2021
Sharon Weber 08/31/2019
Diane YoungeDyke 08/31/2020
Paul Beachnau (Commissioner Rep.)  
Rob Pallarito (alternate, Commissioner Rep.)  

Medical Examiner

Name Term Expires
Dr. Michael McNamara 12/31/2018

Parks and Recreation

Name Term Expires
Dave Baragrey 12/31/2018
Scott Courterier 12/31/2020
Abel Cruz 12/31/2018
Bonny Miller 12/31/2020
Kelli Parker 12/31/2019
Randy Stults 12/31/2018
Justin Wing 12/31/2019
Doug Johnson (Commissioner Rep.)  
Kenneth Glasser (alternate, Commissioner Rep.)  
Bill Holewinski (Road Commission Rep)  
Judith Jarecki (Planning Commission Rep)  

Planning Commission

Name Term Expires
Ken Arndt 12/31/2020
Steven Bauman 12/31/2018
Willard Brown 12/31/2019
Jason Caverson 12/31/2019
Nora Corfis 12/31/2019
Paul Hartmann 12/31/2018
Jim Hilgendorf (School District Rep.) 08/25/2018
Judith Jarecki 12/31/2018
Charles (Chuck) Klee 12/31/2020
Jan Norton 12/31/2020
Ken Borton (Commissioner Rep.)  

Remonumentation Peer Review Group

Name Term Expires
Jason Caverson 06/12/2020
Carl Kiiskila 06/12/2020
Carl Robinson 06/12/2020
James Schwandt 06/12/2020

Veterans’ Affairs

Name Term Expires
William Ahrenberg 12/31/2020
Chuck Berlin 12/31/2021
Paul Cafuk 12/31/2021
Steven Rollins           12/31/2020 
Duane Switalski (Commissioner Rep.)  
Julie Powers (alternate, Commissioner Rep.)  

Zoning Board of Appeals

Name Term Expires
Christa Bono 12/31/2019
Michael Colosimo 12/31/2018
Kenneth Glasser  
Duane Hoffman 12/31/2020
Michael McCarthy 12/31/2019
Kevin Sagasser 12/31/2020
Duane Switalski (alternate board member)  
Willard Brown (PC Rep.) 12/31/2019
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