Appointed Committees


Airport Advisory Committee

Name  Term Expires 
Mike Deerfield  12/31/2020

Board of Canvassers

Name Term Expires
Denise Pallarito 10/20/2022
Vickey Rigney  10/20/2022
Arlin Briley  10/20/2021
Larry Corell  10/20/2021


Brownfield Redevelopment Authority

Name Term Expires
Norman Breicheisen 7/31/2020
Vernon Kassuba 12/31/2022
Janis Kellogg 12/31/2022
Paul Liss (Commissioner Rep.)  
Henry Mason (alternate Commissioner Rep.)  

Building Authority

Name Term Expires
Thomas M. Allison


Rachel Frisch, Chair


Mel Maier, Secretary


Diann Axford, Treasurer



Commission on Aging

Name Term Expires
Brett Bowen 12/31/2023
James Camiller 12/31/2021
Joseph Duff 12/31/2023
Rudi Edel 12/31/2022
Jim Mathis 12/31/2023
George Mertz 12/31/2021
Constance Messina 12/31/2022
Mary Sanders 12/31/2021
Rachel Smith 12/31/2022
Doug Johnson (Commissioner Rep.)  
Kenneth Glasser (alternate Commissioner Rep.)  

Construction Board of Appeals

Name Term Expires
Bradley J. Butcher (alternate)  
Michael Colosimo  
Paul Eckert  
John Ernst  
Anthony Esson (alternate)  
Carl (Butch) Mankowski  
Bill Touroo  
Doug Johnson (Commissioner Rep.)  
Duane Switalski (alternate Commissioner Rep.)  

EMS Rescue

Name Term Expires 
Jeff Axford 1/31/2021
Brett Bowen 1/31/2021
Kevin Drummond 1/31/2023
Mary Sanders, Chair 1/31/2022
Bruce Brown (Commissioner Rep.)  
Julie Powers (alternate Commissioner Rep.)  

Health and Human Services Board

Name Term Expires
Sherry Huff  (County Appointee) 10/31/2021
Thomas Mammoser(State Appointee) 10/31/2022
Melanie Youngs (County Appointee) 10/31/2020
Julie Powers (Commissioner Rep.)  
Rob Pallarito (alternate Commissioner Rep.)  


Housing Committee

Name Term Expires
Tammy LaBouef 12/31/2020
John LaFave 12/31/2022
Jim Mathis 12/31/2021
Steve Riozzi 12/31/2022
Joe Wambold 12/31/2020
Scott Frakes  Alt.
Duane Switalski (Commissioner Rep)  
Julie Powers (Commissioner Rep)  

Jury Board

Name Term Expires
William T. Light 04/30/2021
Nancy L. Ross 04/30/2020

Library Board of Trustees

Name Term Expires
Bonnie Byram 08/31/2023
Martha Baril 08/31/2022
Lesa Jarski 08/31/2021
Sharon Weber 08/31/2024
Diane YoungeDyke 08/31/2020
Ken Glasser (Commissioner Rep.)  
Rob Pallarito (alternate, Commissioner Rep.)  

Medical Examiner

Parks and Recreation

Name Term Expires
Dave Baragrey 12/31/2021
Scott Courterier 12/31/2020
Abel Cruz 12/31/2021
Bonny Miller 12/31/2020
Kelli Parker 12/31/2019
Randy Stults 12/31/2022
Justin Wing 12/31/2022
Doug Johnson (Commissioner Rep.)  
Kenneth Glasser (alternate Commissioner Rep.)  
Bill Holewinski (Road Commission Rep)  
Judith Jarecki (Planning Commission Rep)  

Planning Commission

Name Term Expires
Peter Maxwell 12/31/2020
Willard Brown 12/31/2022
Jack Marlette 12/31/2020
Jason Caverson 12/31/2022
Nora Corfis 12/31/2022
Paul Hartmann 12/31/2021
Jim Hilgendorf (School District Rep.) 12/31/2021
Judith Jarecki 12/31/2021
Steve Scott 12/31/2020
Ken Borton (Commissioner Rep.)  

Remonumentation Peer Review Group

Name Term Expires
Jason Caverson 06/12/2020
Brian Fullford 06/12/2020
Carl Kiiskila 06/12/2020
Carl Robinson 06/12/2020

Veterans’ Affairs

Name Term Expires
Chuck Berlin 12/31/2021
Paul Cafuk 12/31/2021
Steven Rollins           12/31/2020 
Claude Huff  12/31/2020
Duane Switalski (Commissioner Rep.)  
Julie Powers (alternate Commissioner Rep.)  

Zoning Board of Appeals

Name Term Expires
Timothy Miller  4/30/2022
Michael Colosimo 4/30/2021
Duane Hoffman 4/30/2020
Michael McCarthy 4/30/2022
Kevin Sagasser 4/30/2020
Willard Brown (PC Rep) 12/31/2022
Jay Welter Alt.  4/30/2022
Ken Glasser (Commissioner Rep.)  
Duane Switalski (alternate Commissioner Rep.)  
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