How do I request reimbursement of the medical expenses I have paid for?
  • If a parent fails to pay his or her share, the Friend of the Court (FOC) will help collect it if the following four conditions are satisfied:
    1. The amount exceeds the annual ordinary amount in the order, or the requesting parent is the support payer.
    2. One parent requests payment from the other parent within 28 days after receiving an insurer's denial of coverage, the insurer's final payment, or the date on the bill for services.
    3. The other parent does not pay within 28 days of the request for payment.
    4. The FOC's assistance is requested within one year after incurring the expense, or within six months after the insurer has denied coverage, or within six months after the other parent fails to pay as required.
  • If a parent submits a request to the FOC that meets those four requirements, the FOC will notify the other parent of the amount due. If the parent does not object within 21 days, the unpaid amount becomes a support arrearage subject to any of the enforcement processes summarized earlier. If the parent objects, the FOC must schedule a hearing to decide how to pay the amount that the health insurer did not pay.
  • For more detailed instructions, a copy of the 46th Circuit Health Care Expense Policy is available from the friend of the court office.


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