What is a pre-sentence report and the Probation Department?

A pre-sentence report is written by a probation officer after a pre-sentence investigation is conducted. This report is used to obtain detailed knowledge of the defendant's background and current circumstances, to know if the defendant is a threat to society, or if there are any needs the defendant has which can be addressed through probation. The report will contain a sentence recommendation to the judge with supporting facts for that recommendation.

A judge may order you to attend and successfully complete different treatment programs. Some of the more common programs are:

  • Substance Abuse program
  • Victim's Impact Panel Program
  • Domestic Abuse Intervention Program
  • Driver Improvements Program

The Probation Department will monitor your success in these programs if you are ordered to attend one or several of them. If you were ordered to the Community Service Program, your successful completion of that program will also be monitored by a probation officer.

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