County Policies & Ordinances

County Policies

  1. Airport Rules and Regulations (PDF)
  2. Airport Sign Policy (PDF)
  3. Animal Control Adoption Policy (PDF)
  4. Animal Control Emergency Call Out Policy (PDF)
  5. Animal Control No Kill Policy (PDF)
  6. Animal Control Submission Policy (PDF)
  7. Board and Committee Appointment Policy (PDF)
  8. Board Rules and Bylaws (PDF)
  9. Bus System Policy (PDF)
  10. Capital Asset Disposal Policy (PDF)
  11. Cell Phone Usage Policy (PDF)
  12. Component Unit Insurance Policy (PDF)
  13. Credit Card Receipt Policy (PDF)
  14. Dog Park Policies (PDF)
  15. Donated Vacation Leave Policy (PDF)
  16. Electronic Communications Internet Policy (PDF)
  17. Emergency Management Policy (PDF)
  18. Employee Handbook (PDF)
  19. Employee Privacy Notice - HIPAA 2013 (PDF)
  20. Enhanced Access to Public Records Policy (GIS) (PDF)
  21. Fair Housing Policy (PDF)
  22. Fee Schedule (PDF)
  23. Flag Policy (PDF)
  24. Fraud Policy (PDF)
  25. Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) Policy (PDF)
  26. Groen Nature Preserve Policy (PDF)
  27. Hazardous Materials Response Cost Recovery Ordinance (PDF)
  28. Housing Committee Bankruptcy and Foreclosure Policy (PDF)
  29. Investment Policy (PDF)
  30. Land Use Services Ordinance Enforcement Policy (PDF)
  31. Land Use Services Fee Waiver Policy (PDF)
  32. Louis M. Groen Nature Preserve Policy (PDF)
  33. Medical Examiner Policy (PDF)
  34. Millage Request Policy (PDF)
  35. Off Road Vehicle Ordinance (PDF)
  36. Otsego County Bus Seatbelt Policy (PDF)
  37. Partial Tax Payment Policy (PDF)
  38. Public Improvement Fund Borrowing Policy (PDF)
  39. Purchasing Policy (PDF)
  40. Remonumentation Program Policy (PDF)
  41. Tax Foreclosure Financial Hardship Deferral Policy (PDF)
  42. Tax Sharing Policy (PDF)
  43. Travel Expense Policy (PDF)
  44. Vehicle Policy for Otsego County (PDF)
  45. Weapons Policy (PDF)