Once a report is received, the Records Division's function is to maintain information on the computer. This allows Sheriff's Office personnel future access to specific information in each case.

The records are for the use of public, law enforcement agencies and the courts. The Records Division accepts payment for public requests. These public requests include copies of incident accident reports, criminal history/background checks, photos, fingerprints, civil process, etc.

Vehicle Crash Reports

Access vehicle crash reports online.

Incident Report & Photographs

You may submit a written request to the Otsego Sheriff's Office for a copy of the report and/or photographs; as long as you were involved in the incident and criminal charges are not being sought. Fees for a copy of an incident report will be $5 for first page and $1 for each additional page. Photo fees for regular size will be $1 each or on diskette $15. Videos transferred to CD or DVD $50.

Please note: If you are formally being charged with a crime, a copy of the report should be requested from the Prosecuting Attorney's Office.