Specialty Court

The Otsego County Judicial System has operated a specialty court (also known as Drug Court) since January 2008. The program serves adult offenders from both the Circuit Court and District Court. This is an intensive probation program for non-violent adult offenders with a history of drug and/or alcohol abuse or dependence. Drug Court is organized under the 87-A District Court and is presided over by District Court Chief Judge, Michael K. Cooper. It accepts both misdemeanants and felons and is funded by state and federal grants. Because of the intensity of supervision required, the program can only accommodate 30 participants.

The cases assigned to this specialty court are staffed by a collaborative team. The team includes the judge, prosecutor, treatment providers, defense lawyer, social worker, law enforcement officer, and the probation officer. The team meets every two weeks to review the progress of the Drug Court participants.

The mission of the Drug Court is to rehabilitate rather than incarcerate. Through intensive judicial supervision and a continuum of treatment services with incentives and graduated sanctions, offenders are allowed to remain in the community while they are learning to become law-abiding, productive, substance-free citizens.

For further information about Otsego County's Recovery Court, please contact the Court Administrator at 989-731-0228.