Inmate Information

Jail Inmate Visiting Rules

  • Each inmate is permitted one hour or two half hour visits per week  These visits must be scheduled 24 hours in advance and must be scheduled prior to arrival.
  • Each inmate is permitted up to four visitors including children.
  • No one under the age of 18 is permitted to visit unless accompanied by a parent or guardian and they must have a birth certificate or proof of guardianship.
  • Picture ID is required for all visitors age 16 and over. For example; Photo school ID, State of Michigan ID card, etc.
  • Visits may be denied if an inmate or visitor is abusive, assaulting, profane or otherwise directly interferes with the security or good order of this facility.
  • Visitors must wear proper attire. Visitors wearing clothing deemed unsuitable by jail staff must change or their visit will be denied. All visitors are subjected to a search.

Jail Inmate Visiting Hours

Friday, Saturday, Sunday
9 am to 9:30 pm

Jail Inmate Property Allowed

Nothing is allowed or accepted over the front counter.

Indigent Inmates are allowed (White Material Only):

  • 3 bras
  • 3 pair socks
  • 3 pair underwear
  • 3 t-shirts
  • We reserve the right to refuse any property.


There are many programs at the jail for inmates to become involved in. These include:

  • AA/NA meetings
  • Community Service
  • GED Education program
  • Group counseling classes (MRT)
  • Religious counseling
  • Trustee