Register of Deeds

The Otsego County Register of Deeds Office is the keeper of all records pertaining to the transfer or encumbrance of real estate in the county. The documents are recorded, time stamped, assigned liber and page numbers, and computer indexed. We currently maintain our indexes and images through a computerized index system which begins on March 5, 1864 to the present. Every record can be retrieved and copied within a matter of minutes in the Register of Deeds office. Images are available online for purchase.


The Register of Deeds office records, files, maintains and retrieves all documents relating to real property in Otsego County. Images are on the computer from 1864 to the present.

The Otsego County Register of Deeds office offers electronic recording of your real estate documents. This is a secure, verified user service that is beneficial for multi-document submitters.  You will need to register through an approved eRecording provider below to begin this service with our office:

SIMPLIFILE – Get Started eRecording at or contact  For questions, reach out to Simplifile Illinois Regional Director, Michelle Wilsey, 

Fees for recording are as follows:

  • Effective October 1, 2016, recording fees for all documents recorded in the register of deeds office will be $30 per document inclusive of all pages.
  • For any document that assigns or discharges more than one instrument, $3 shall be added to the fee for each instrument so assigned or discharged.
  • Michigan real estate transfer tax is collected on written instruments at the time of recording in accordance with MCL 207.505 (5) and MCL 207.526(6). An instrument shall state on its face the total consideration of the real property, or a real estate transfer valuation affidavit shall be filed. No fee is collected for filing this Affidavit.
  • This transfer tax is imposed on each transfer unless the transfer is exempt from either or both acts referred to above and such exemptions are stated on the face of the instrument.
  • Copies of all documents can be provided at the cost of $1 per page.
  • $5 certification fee per document

Note: $4 of this fee is deposited to the Michigan State Survey and Remonumentation (MSSR) Fund. This fee is not required for fixture filings, state liens, federal liens, MESC liens, State deeds or Plats.

Search services are not provided by this office. You may contact a Title Insurance Company or a land records data company to have a private search done for you. Searches may be done by coming directly to our office. We do work in conjunction with our Equalization Department in maintaining current ownership information through use of tax I.D. numbers or property owner name.

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) fees and services.

Freedom of Information Act Information

 You can submit a completed FOIA Request Form to the FOIA Coordinator via email. You may also submit a completed form via fax to 989-731-7529.