Recycling Etiquette



Shown below are the rules for dropping off recycled materials for the Otsego County Recycling Drop-off Program. Each recycling program is different, so please check with your recycling location to verify material preparation requirements for other locations/programs.

Click to view the Otsego County Recycling Brochure to learn more about Otsego County's program.

Mixed Containers
  •  Please rinse and flatten
  •  NO juice pouches or straws
  •  All numbers: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7 
  •  Please rinse and flatten.  There's no need to remove labels
  •  NO Styrofoam
  •  NO motor oil jugs
  •  NO toys, buckets, or durable dishes
  •  NO "biodegradable" or corn-based plastics (PLA)
  •  NO plastic bags.  They belong with your Paper, Boxes, and Bags.
  •  All numbers: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, and #7
  •  Please rinse and flatten.  There's no need to remove labels. 
  •  NO Styrofoam
  •  NO durable dishes, wash tubs, buckets, etc.
  •  NO "biodegradable" or corn-based plastics (PLA)
  •  NO plastic bags.  They belong with your Paper, Boxes and Bags. 
  • Metal lids are okay
  • Aluminum, steel and tin
  • Please rinse and flatten
  • NO aerosol cans or propane tanks
  •  Clear, green, brown, and blue
  •  Please rinse.  There's no need to remove labels
  •  NO light bulbs, window glass, or glass dishes


Paper, Boxes and Bags



  •  Boxes from frozen and refrigerated foods are okay
  •  Boxboard - like cereal boxes and paper towel cores - is okay
  •  Please remove packing materials and flatten
  •  NO Styrofoam
  •  NO pet food bags
  •  NO loose plasstic bags.  Please stuff all plastic bags into one bag and tie it shut
  •  Stretch bags only
  •  Clean, dry bags only
  •  Please put all of the bags into one bag and tie it shut
  •  Shrink wrap - like around rolls of paper towels and cases of water bottles - is okay
  •  NO cling wrap (used to wrap food and cover dishes)
  •  NO cereal box liners
  •  NO "crunchy" plastics - cellophane, pretzel bags, potato chip bags, etc.
  •  NO newspapers which have gotten wet and/or yellowed
  •  Hardcover, paperback, and phone books are okay
  •  Accepted at all drop sites
  • Junk mail and envelopes
  • Copy paper, writing paper, and file folders
  • Shredded paper too  Please put it in a transparent bag
  • NO construction paper or dark or bright copy paper
  • NO padded, plastic, or Kraft (gold paper) envelopes

There's no need to remove

  •  rubber bands
  •  paper clips
  •  plastic windows from envelopes
  •  stickers
  •  sticky notes
  •  mailing labels
  •  staples
  •  tape