Records Division

Office Hours:The Records Division is open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.

Please come in no later than a half-hour before we close to allow us sufficient time to assist you. We will extend hours under special circumstances. We are closed on most legal holidays. If you have a question, you may contact us at (989) 731-7285 or 731-7283.

Closed Saturday, Sundays and Holidays

The Corrections/Jail entrance is open 24 hours a day 7 days a week, for inmate visitation when available and to bond out inmates.  NOTE:  EXACT CHANGE OR CHECK REQUIRED.

Otsego County Sheriff’s Office Fee Schedule:

Vehicle Crash  Reports (UD10) $5.00
Abandoned Vehicles $7.00
Civil Process $21.00 + $.75 a mile to and from
PPO Service $21.00 + $.75 a mile to and from
Fingerprinting on paper card $15.00
Fingerprinting on “Livescan” $15.00 + federal and state fees (SE=$61.50 total)(CPV=$60 total)
Salvage Vehicle Inspection $100.00
PBT (preliminary breath)  $2.00 + $1 for breath tube
Handgun Purchase Permit $5.00 Notary Fee
Return Check Fee $25.00
Freedom of Information request:
Incident Reports Set by Statute

The Records Division is responsible for recording and storing case files. They maintain all incident and accident report reports generated by the Sheriff’s Office. The Records Division assists the public by locating incident/accident reports, researching past incidents, and directing them to other agencies as needed. Incident reports are retrieved and made available upon request to the public, through the Freedom of Information Act.

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