Prosecuting Attorney's Office

Office Location:
800 Livingston Blvd., Suite 3-D
Gaylord, Michigan 49735

Michael A. Rola, County Prosecutor

Main Phone Number: 989.731.7430

Driving Directions

Mailing Address:
800 Livingston Blvd., Suite 3-D
Gaylord, Michigan 49735


Manda M. Breuker, Chief Assistant Prosecutor  
Richard Treusch, Assistant Prosecutor


Sara M. Schmidt, Office Manager  

Crime Victim Division & Personal Protection Orders

Terri Thomasma, Victims Advocate
Phone: 989.731.7431
Family Support Division  
Robin A. Ellis, Child Support Specialist
Phone: 989.731.7439


Prosecutor's Duties

The state legislature has created over 250 duties for the prosecutor, including the following:

  • chief law enforcement official in the county
  • reviews, authorizes, and prosecutes violations of felony and misdemeanor criminal laws of the State of Michigan and county ordinances committed in the county
  • reviews, authorizes and prosecutes felony and misdemeanor juvenile delinquency offenses
  • reviews, authorizes and prosecutes child protective proceedings in the Family Court where there are allegations of child neglect and/or abuse, including termination of parental rights
  • represents the "People of the State of Michigan" in criminal matters in the District, Circuit and Family Courts as well as appeals of cases to the Michigan Court of Appeals and Supreme Court
  • prosecutes contempt proceedings when there has been a violation of a Personal Protection Order (PPO)
  • participates on behalf of the petitioner in mental health commitment hearings
  • provides assistance and input to the victims of serious criminal offenses
  • represents and gives advice to the county board of commissioners and other county departments on legal matters
  • reviews, authorizes and prosecutes civil actions to obtain financial support for children

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