Friends for Life


The purpose of Friends For Life of Otsego County, Inc. (FFL) is to enhance the quality of life of dogs, cats and other adoptable pets. Various goals of this organization are to encourage sterilization of dogs and cats and to educate the public on proper care and training of pets. Additionally, we make sure there is continued support and recognition for Otsego County Animal Control's "no kill of adoptable pets policy". We have also assisted animal control by putting a much needed addition onto the already existing animal shelter building.

During recent financial difficulty, FFL has stepped up and assisted the county by providing the funds necessary to staff an animal control officer. Aside from the many contributions toward the county's animal control department/animal shelter, Friends For Life works with local veterinarians on a sterilization (spay and neuter) program. Through this program, low cost spays and neuters are offered for adoptable pets. This program is funded primarily through memberships, fund raisers and donations to Friends For Life.

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