Fiscal Health Score

Michigan Department of Treasury

Fiscal Indicator Scores

From the MI Department of Treasurery Website:  The fiscal indicator scores are intended to provide state officials, local officials, and the general public with objective, measurable, and straightforward information concerning the degree of, or absence of, fiscal health in units of local government.



Fiscal Scoring Process

Key factors from nine categories are analyzed and assigned points.  They include, but are not limited to:

1. Population growth

2. Real taxable value growth

3. Large real taxable value decrease

4. General fund expenditures as a percent of taxable valuation

5. General fund operating deficits

6. Prior general fund operating deficits

7. Size of general fund balance

8. Fund deficits in current or previous years

9. General long-term debt as a percent of taxable value


Fiscal Heatlh Score Significance

 Points from Scale     Category                State Action

0 - 4                           Fiscally Neutral      No State Action Needed

5 - 7                           Fiscal Watch          Unit of local government is notified of its relatively high

                                                                 score and is placed on a watch list for the current

                                                                and following year.

8 - 10                        Fiscal Stress          Unit of local government is notified of its high score,

                                                                is placed on a watch list for the current year and

                                                                following year, and receives consideration for review.



2006 Fiscal Health Score

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