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Otsego County’s Drop-off Recycling Program Recycling

Otsego County has contracted with Emmet County to provide the hauling and processing of recyclable materials. Otsego’s drop-off program is dual-stream matching Emmet’s program. Click to view the Otsego County Recycling Brochure to learn more about Otsego County’s program. You can also view a list or map of the locations below.

Please note that the Otsego County Drop-off Program does not accept large plastic toys, plastic chairs, or similar items.  The Emmet County Drop-off Center may accept these items, but call ahead 231-348-0640 prior to drop-off to ensure they are accepting the items.


Otsego County Recycling Brochure
Recycling Drop-off Location Map
2015 Otsego County Recycling Guide
Otsego County
Recycling Facebook Page
Otsego Conservation District’s Recycling website
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Recycling Saves Money
Recycling Resources in Northern Michigan go to Recycle Chicken

Recycling Labels

Below are labels for each type of recycling bin.  These can be printed and affixed to your home recycling bins.

Recycling Bin Mixed Container Label
Recycling Bin Paper, Boxes, Bags Label

Recycle Around the Home

A Guide to Recycling Around the Home

Looking to reduce your waste even further?  Tired of watching your flower beds wilt in sandy, droughty soil?  Come learn how to compost your food scraps and yard trimmings in your own backyard!  The Otsego Conservation District maintains a home compost demonstration site where you can learn about compost bins and how to make compost quick! Click below for more information:

Otsego Conservation District Demonstration Garden Brochure

Did you know you can MAKE money by recycling?  Click below to learn how:

Michigan’s Bottle Deposit – It Makes Cents!


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